Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas

I see a lot of environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, and GI symptoms in my practice. Most of the time in cases of suspected or proven solvent toxicity, my recommendations for detoxification include sauna, castor oil packs, constitutional hydrotherapy, and colon hydrotherapy. The latter is performed with water only, though there [...]

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Health Benefits of Minimizing Sugar

Today’s podcast used this blog post as a jumping off point (loosely): Fitness Benefits of cutting down on sugar.  Download the latest episode of Christian Natural Health! Dr. Lauren Deville is board-certified to practice medicine in the State of Arizona. She received her NMD from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine [...]

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Anna the Prophetess Sees the Christ

Today’s podcast is a meditation on Luke 2:36-38, just after Jesus’ birth.  Intro     We know very little about Anna: just three verses encompass her entire life. She was married seven years, and then widowed for eighty-four; probably the youngest she could have been married would have been fourteen, which would [...]

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Fermented Foods

Guest post by Dr Laura Villa; Image by edwina_mc from Pixabay  The foods that help keep your gut healthy What are fermented foods? Historically, food fermentation was implemented as a method of preservation. Additionally, fermentation enhances the taste and texture of some foods, such as olives. Not only does it improve the shelf-life [...]

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Mold Remediation: Interview with Michael Rubino

Michael Rubino, an innovative expert in mold contamination and remediation. Rubino and his company All American Restoration have been featured in USA Today, NJBiz, Reader’s Digest, New Jersey Monthly and Digital Trends. He was also selected as a speaker for the Spring 2020 Indoor Air Quality Association Meeting and Expo. [...]

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Crisis Victory: Interview with Dr Hal Bradley

Dr. Hal Bradley is a veteran and pastor with a PhD in pastoral counseling and a passion for helping the homeless and those in distress.  Before becoming a pastor, he was a drug lord, and at one time the largest cocaine trafficker in the Pacific Northwest. He served four years [...]

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Can CBD Help With Sleep?

Guest post by Eric Van Buskirk; Image by 溢 徐 from Pixabay  Few things are more frustrating than a bad night’s sleep. Besides leaving you feeling tired, grumpy and anxious, it can impair your memory and concentration, affecting everything from your work to your relationships. Down the road, sleep deprivation increases your [...]

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Best Anti-Aging Vitamins: 5 Supplements to Help Turn Back the Clock

This guest article was originally published at with some minor edits.; Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash What if someone told you there are ways to stop, or at least limit, the symptoms of aging? With help from specific vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, we can help rewind our body’s biological clock by replenishing valuable nutrients that we [...]

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Eyewitness Experience Bible: Interview with Joani Schultz

Joani Schultz is Group Publishing’s Chief Creative Officer. She oversees the creation of Group’s resources, training, and services for children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult ministry, and church leadership. She’s the author of numerous books including “Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore,” and “The 1 Thing.” She leads the [...]

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