How ‘Rest’ leads to ‘Success’

Guest Post by Dr Mariah Mosley Just about everyone in our society gets to a point where they are tired, burnt out, and fatigued, right? In our go-go-go society, being “busy” is considered a badge of honor and correlated with being ‘successful’. Well, is that actually true? Are you truly [...]

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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stick to Your Self-Care New Year’s Resolutions

Guest post by Brad Krause at What’s the longest you’ve kept your New Year’s resolutions? Research shows that 73% of adults drop their fitness-related resolutions before completing them. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t feel ashamed. It’s a natural part of being human, but so is overcoming obstacles. [...]

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Hormonal Causes of Low Libido

Low libido is a common complaint, and there are certainly a variety of possible causes—including fatigue, stress (though there may be a hormonal aspect to this, too—see below), pain or other chronic illness, relationship issues, body image issues, inhibitions, and past trauma. But most of the time when people bring [...]

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Happiness Boosts Your Immune Function

Guest post by: Dr Mariah Mosley Thankfully flu and cold season is over. What did you use to bolster your immune system to prevent illness?  Vitamin C or herbal Echinacea?  Getting extra sleep and drinking more water?  Here’s one thing you may not have considered. Psychological Well-Being and Immune Function [...]

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The Effect of Nature on Your Health

We all know intuitively that being in nature makes us feel more peaceful. But studies show that it also can have a significant positive impact on your health—even in the smallest of doses. Nature and Your Overall Well-Being There are several studies out there that show being in nature (hiking, [...]

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Tick-Borne Illnesses: How to Distinguish Them

Tick-borne illnesses are unfortunately becoming increasingly common (and sometimes it’s hard for people to know whether they’ve even been exposed, since ticks can be as tiny as a poppy seed!) Many tick-borne illnesses all get lumped together with Lyme Disease, and for good reason: most of them can also be [...]

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Non-Hormonal Treatments for Hot Flashes

From Dr. Lauren Deville - Naturopathic Doctor

Women in early menopause or perimenopause are most familiar with hot flashes: they’re generally understood to occur with declining estrogen levels. Occasionally I’ll see a still-menstruating woman who experiences hot flashes in the week or two before her period (when estrogen levels are declining), too—though this is much less common. And yet, this isn’t the [...]

Non-Hormonal Treatments for Hot Flashes

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Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

From Dr. Lauren Deville - Naturopathic Doctor

We all know that sugar is bad for us, right? (If you don’t, check out this article.) Suffice it to say for now that if I could change just one thing about the way people eat in America, it would be to dramatically reduce or eliminate processed sugar consumption.) But what counts as “sugar”? It’s not [...]

Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

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