Natural Ways to Lower Lipoprotein(a)

I wrote here on lipoprotein(a) generally—what it is (a cholesterol analogue) and why it is far more concerning from a cardiovascular standpoint than elevated cholesterol by itself. Essentially the concern comes down to the fact that Lp(a) both decreases the breakdown of clots and acts as a strong adhesive in blood vessels, [...]

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Decaf Coffee — Safe or Not?

I wrote here on the benefits (and relative risks) associated with drinking coffee, and here on the studies showing that overall, coffee consumption decreases the risk of chronic disease. Yet caffeine certainly has its drawbacks. In addition to sex hormone disruption, it indirectly forces the adrenals to pump out additional adrenaline, [...]

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The Mood-Boosting Winter Vitamin

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a variant of major depressive disorder that occurs during darker winter months when the days grow shorter. It’s fortunately far less common in sunny AZ. But it still does occur. This may be in part because, despite the sunshine, Vitamin D deficiency is still common [...]

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Lithium as a Neuroprotectant

Lithium is a trace mineral that doesn’t get a lot of attention. It’s not included in most multivitamins. There hasn’t been a great deal of research historically into its effects in the body. It’s known best not as a mineral, but as a high dose pharmaceutical for the treatment of [...]

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Spotlight On: Cinnamon

We’re entering the holiday season, which always makes me think of warming spices like cinnamon. The smell and flavor of cinnamon are due to an oil called cinnamaldehyde, which comprises about 90% of cinnamon’s essential oil. Cinnamaldehyde is believed to be the source of cinnamon’s spectacular array of health benefits. [...]

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When Iron Deficiency is Really Copper Deficiency

From Dr. Lauren Deville - Naturopathic Doctor

There are multiple levels of iron deficiency: low ferritin is the first, as ferritin is a storage form of iron. This can progress to low iron saturation in the bloodstream. Finally, it can become iron deficiency (or microcytic) anemia. The first two levels of iron deficiency can be caused by chronic infections or hypothyroidism—or of course [...]

When Iron Deficiency is Really Copper Deficiency

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Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

From Dr. Lauren Deville - Naturopathic Doctor

We all know that sugar is bad for us, right? (If you don’t, check out this article.) Suffice it to say for now that if I could change just one thing about the way people eat in America, it would be to dramatically reduce or eliminate processed sugar consumption.) But what counts as “sugar”? It’s not [...]

Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

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Counting Macros

From Dr. Lauren Deville - Naturopathic Doctor

There are a lot of trendy diets out there (paleo, ketogenic, Whole 30, Autoimmune Protocol, GAPS, Specific Carbohydrate, etc). They all have their merits, and I do put people on each of them in specific cases. But one of the simplest, longest term approaches is “counting macros.” Macronutrients: What They Are “Macros” is short for [...]

Counting Macros

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